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LASA - Laboratorio Acceleratori e Superconduttività Applicata
Sezione di Milano

Laser & Plasma Acceleration - The Group

The activities related to the usage of laser sources in particle acceleration applications are active at LASA from nearly 10 years. The group, working in a strict relationship with colleagues at INFN (Bologna, Pisa, Naples, Frascati-LNF and Catania-LNS), at CNR, at Politecnico of Milan and in foreign laboratories (Germany, France), has contributed to the establishment of this research line in Italy and collaborates to European efforts to promote these researches.

The main activities are related to the emission, acceleration and shaping of proton beams devoted to future medical applications and to the participation to the fundamental research towards a compact European plasma accelerator with superior beam quality.

The core expertise of the group is the design, engineering, realization and characterization of particle emitter devices, of beam diagnostic tools and of accelerated beam handling and transport equipment.

A tentative scheme of a laser based hadrotherapy plant