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RF Superconductivity - ESS

European Spallation Source


The European Spallation Source is an infrastructure for the investigation for the properties of matter at the molecular level by means of short and intense neutron pulses, with a brilliance approximately 100 times greater than the existing sources. ESS pulses will allow enormous progresses in the science of neutron analysis, leading to the development of a new generation of products (e.g. computer chips, fuels, pharmaceutical components, medical implants and batteries) and the solution to complex scientific and medical questions (like the position and function of proteins that determine the DNA structure, or the working mechanisms of the neurons networks in the brain). ESS is in its construction phase and will start user operation in 2023.

Italy contributes to the realization of the superconducting proton accelerator, which allows the production of neutron pulses by means of the nuclear spallation process.

LASA is designing and producing with Italian companies the elliptical cavities for the medium energy section of the accelerator.


Superconducting RF Cavity

Photo 2016, INFN

PFirst prototype built by LASA of the elliptical proton cavity for the medium energy section of the European Spallation Source accelerator.


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