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EuroCirCol & Future Circolar Collider


EuroCirColis a conceptual design study for a post-LHC research infrastructure based on an energy-frontier 100 TeV circular hadron collider.
A new research infrastructure of such scale depends on the feasibility of key technologies pushed beyond current state of the art. Innovative designs for accelerator magnets to achieve high-quality fields up to 16 T and for a cryogenic beam vacuum system to cope with unprecedented synchrotron light power are required. The effects of colliding two 50 TeV beams must be mastered to meet the physics research requirements. Advanced energy efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness are key factors to build and operate such an accelerator within realistic time scale and cost.
This European Community supported project is part of the Future Circular Collider study under European leadership, federating resources worldwide to assess the merits of different post-LHC accelerator scenarios. It forms the core of a globally coordinated strategy of converging activities.

The main outcome of EuroCirCol, a Conceptual Design Report for the research infrastructure, will be laying the foundation of subsequent infrastructure development actions that will strengthen the frontier knowledge and technologies over the next decades.

The LASA magnet group is encharged in EuroCirCol activity designing a new superconducting dipole at high magnetic field (beam bore field 16 T) using Nb3Sn cable.

Electromagnetic Design

Electromagnetic design of the superconducting dipole magnet, double aperture, 16 T for EuroCircol

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