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Workshop on High QE Photocathodes for RF guns

INFN Milano - LASA * 4-6 October 2006


This workshop will review the production process and the performances of high quantum efficiency (QE) photocathodes used in laser driven RF guns. The experience acquired in many years of photocathode preparation and use will be analyzed based on the more stringent requests dictated by new applications of photocathode laser driven RF gun.

The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Preparation Process
  • Photocathode Characterization
  • Performances in RF Gun
  • Dark Current, Field Emission and Secondary emission

Scientific CommiteeLocal Commitee
A. di Bona P. Michelato
K. Floettmann L. Monaco
P. Michelato D. Sertore
S. Schreiber  


For information about the Scientific Program contact:
Paolo Michelato

For information about the Local Organization contact:
Daniele Sertore or Laura Monaco