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Workshop on High QE Photocathodes for RF guns


Proceedings of the 1st WorkShop on High Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes for RF Guns

4th October 2006


Michelato Photocathodes: Present Status and Future Perspectives (600 kB)


Photocathode Preparation I

Terunuma Preparation of Cs-Te photocathodes at KEK (46.3 MB)
Conde Cesium Telluride Photocathodes Preparation at Argonne (2.2 MB)
Losito Cs2Te photocathodes for the CTF3 Photoinjector (5.7 MB)a/a>
Monard Cs2Te photocathode at ELYSE (8.8 MB)


Photocathode Preparation II

Xiang Cs2Te photocathode for SRF gun in Rossendorf (11.1 MB)
Smedley Diamond Aplified Photocathode - Preparation and Capsule Formation (6.6 MB)
Kirby LCLS Cu cathodes - Cleaning and Qualification (600 kB)
diBona Photocathode for X-Ray Image Intensifier (3.8 MB)


Photocathode Characterization I

Tazzioli Photo-emission R&D at Frascati INFN Laboratories (4.6 MB)
Caretto Photoemission studies from metal by UV lasers (4.6 MB)
Pedersoli Quantum Efficiency Dependence on the Incidence Light Angle in Copper Photocathodes: Vector Potential Effect (1.3 MB)
Smedley Diamond Amplified Photocathodes - Charecterization (4.4 MB)


Photocathode Characterization II

Cultrera Mg film grown by pulsed laser deposition as photocathodes: QE and surface adsorbates (6.8 MB)
Baerh PITZ cathodes: QE measurements and cathode history (450 kB)
Monaco Recent QE measurements at FLASH (12.4 MB)


Photocathode Operation I

Floettman Photo cathode requirements for the European XFEL (333 kB)
Sertore Cathode for TTF and FLASH - A Summary (22.2 MB)
Schreiber Operation of cathodes at FLASH (21.6 MB)
Terunuma Operation of Cs-Te photocathode with ATF RF Gun (2.9 MB)
Baerh Dark current studies with Gun3 at PITZ (1.6 MB)


Photocathode Operation II

Barday Non-conservation of the charge lifetime at high average current (800 kB)
Shengguan Experimental results of dark current in LUCX at KEK (5.4 MB)
Fliller Cs2Te and NEA GaAs photocathode activities at Fermilab (9.8 MB)


SEM, Thermal Emittance I

Smedley Photocathode Theory (11.9 MB)
Dowell Models for caculatin the QE and thermal emittance (1.5 MB)
Han Secondary emission in an rf photocathode gun (1.9 MB)


SEM, Thermal Emittance II

Han An analysis of the thermal emittance measurements at PITZ (730 kB)
Krasilnikov Cathode roughness impact onto beam emittance (870 kB)